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Go beyond what you thought possible

go beyond what you thought possible with glass AND enter the world of Palmer & Allen

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An Artisan From New Zealand

An Artisan from New Zealand

Inspired by the wild nature of New Zealand's rugged coastlines and the mysterious secrets hidden in the dense, native bushlands.

Stuart Allen had an idyllic childhood, combing the beaches and searching the forests of this beautiful land. Inspired by the power and beauty of nature, he began a journey with his father to harness their visions of texture and colour into a reality – to create exceptional glass tiles. 

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It’s value in our every day lives is undeniable. As a tile there is no other enduring material that captures light in quite the same way.

The three dimensional interplay of light and shadow, the textural nuances, the depth of color... the very life that springs forth because of this relationship between glass and light, is a joy that never fades. Everything we do at Palmer & Allen is a personal, passion-driven journey and we invite you to discover the beauty and exquisite ambience glass will bring to your living spaces.

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