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A Vision is Realised


Stuart Allen has lived and breathed the inherent beauty of New Zealand's landscape throughout his life.

Growing up in the small, coastal town of Maketu in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Stuart discovered a curiosity for organic patterns in nature which was further fuelled by his father, who spent his life combing the beaches, rivers and bushlands of New Zealand, searching for gems and rocks to add to his collection. The greatest, single inspiration to Stuart, his father not only shaped his future in artisan glass creation but in doing so, cemented his place on a journey of discovery between a father and son.

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The Science Of Art

The Science Of Art

Learning how to create glass tiles that lived up to Stuart’s exacting standards took many years of experimentation, trial and error. His creations, as beautiful as fine art, in the real world have to meet the practicalities of use and keep their beauty for many years to come.

Palmer & Allen have developed a unique relationship with glass, not only do they have a designers eye, they understand the science behind the product and know how to transfer creative ideas into hardwearing, durable products.

Thanks to Stuart’s never-ending, scientific experimentation, when you choose Palmer & Allen tiles, not only do you get spectacular beauty, you also get outstanding durability and performance.

He’s learnt more from exploding crucibles and seemingly impossible design briefs than he’d get from a lifetime of reading books. More than simply conventional science in practise, Stuart’s lab is an artist's studio, whose products are a source of individual, unique beauty.


A Global Business Is Born


When you make something well, there’s going to be a demand for your product and that’s exactly what’s happened with Palmer & Allen tiles, who now manufacture and ship in large quantities across the globe.

Stuart has transferred his learnings from the studio to large scale manufacturing where he oversees production with a critical eye to ensure every, last tile meets the standard his clients expect. From containers to cartons, Palmer & Allen tiles travel the world every day with consistency and quality as their hallmarks.